All Teams Recordings to go to a designated Sharepoint folder

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I am aware of the recent change to how Teams stores recorded meetings.


Is there anything we can do so instead of having group meetings recordings being stored in the Personal OneDrive for Business (under "Recordings") to have them just stored in a folder in SharePoint?


At the moment its a manual job to move them I was hoping there is something a bit more automated to get them into SharePoint. I have setup a recurring PowerAutomate Flow ( to do it, but this ONLY works for me.


To provide some context we have weekly meetings where one person records. Most of the time this is the same person but holidays and other leave would mean someone else would record. I'd like someway to send these recorded videos to one main storage so everyone can view them.


Any ideas or insight will be appreciated.

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Hello @rhyshicks   

You might want to reach out to the originator of this past post (for some reason I can't tag him into this response), Christian Bergstrom, for assistance: Changes to meeting recordings - saved to OneDrive and SharePoint instead of Stream. - Microsoft Tech...

Thanks @ThereseSolimeno I have posted my question on that thread. Cheers