All Teams Channel Notifications for all Users and Teams were switched off - Multiple Tenants

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Hi @all

since a few days all of our users complain that they get channel notifications in Teams anymore. The user notifications were not changed. 
If i click on any channel notification setting:


the custom setting is choosen anywhere. In the custom setting the notifications were switched off:


I also see this in another tenant where i´m a guest. Is anybody else experience this issue? I don´t know a possibility to manage it centralized.

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There is a new default custom settings in settings that many of the channels inherit from. Go check that you didn’t change this as it would change many of those since they are tied to that notification setting unless you go set a different custom setting on a channel. Might be that.

Hi @Chris Webb,
 i don´t see new options here:


And the new notification settings which were are announced are also not available right now.
Isn´t you´re tenant affected by this? I have checked it in 3 different tenants with different accounts.

Odd. Setting might be down page a bit if you can scroll. Does look like older settings page thou. I have not had the issue today but I haven’t received a message in over 8 hours so couldn’t tell us if it’s not working, not on a pc. Will have to check tomorrow morning.

@Chris Webb There is no such setting. I´ve also opened a case for that. Let´s see what happens. It would be interesting if anybody else experience this issue.

Meanwhile i have the confirmation of Microsoft Support that the root cause for the adjusted channel notifications is a Teams Service Update.
So in all Tenants, the update which allows custom channel notifications, simultaneously changes the channel notifications to off for all Channels in all Teams in all Tenants.