All or multiple participants sharing their screens

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I was wondering if there is an option (or if one is under development) allowing all or multiple participants to share their screens. 

This is a useful use case for training, where students are carrying out some tasks (e.g. on a specific application) and a supervisor can check what they are doing or if they need help. 


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Hi, at the moment it is only possible for one participant at a time to share their screen.  


There is a backlogged Teams User Voice open here for this so you could add your name to this.

@PeterRising thanks for letting me know. I have upvoted that feature request.

@PeterRising Is there any news on this?  Our team used to do paired programming as well as side-by-side programming until we all had to work remotely.  Teams has gotten us through a lot of the challenges of working remotely, but we have not been able to work as efficiently as we used to.


Being able to share screens with my dev partner(s) would really allow us to go back to developing as if we were sitting side-by-side or even in the same room.  "Share screens with my dev partner(s)" means they share their screen with me through Teams and I do share mine with them---at the same time.


Please let me know if this is possible or at least in the works.


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Kevin Earley

@ms_kearley Yeah the update is that MSFT totally killed off the Teams User Voice platform... So you can't even vote this up anymore...

Any status update on this? I tried to upvote but link says it's broken. This would be an awesome feature. Thank you! @PeterRising 

MS has migrated their User Voice Thread to Feedback Portal. You can find an equivalent proposition below

Completely on the same page