all contacts status unknown on iphone

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Since upgrading to iOS 15.1 all my contacts are coming up status unknown. All is well on my desktop as well as Outlook on phone.



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Hi @Denis10  This may be a bug (something similar was reported for the Desktop app in the past).  Please file a bug report on the Teams feedback portal: Microsoft Teams · Community

Hello, I've been trying to file a report on this but can't figure out how. I find this site to be quite confusing.

Sorry to hear that, @Denis10  You can also "report a problem" in the help icon at the lower left of the desktop app and it does the same thing:


Screenshot 2021-12-09 144222.png

Hi again @Denis10   Found this older entry from the Answers tech support site that might be relevant to you: Teams status showing as unknown and so is my entire team - Microsoft Community