Agents in Cloud Auto Attendant and Call queues doesn't reach based on their Status.

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Hi Community, 


One of our customer experiences the below issue:


They've cloud Auto attendant and Call queues.

Direct routing is set up. 

Using Direct routing number. 




When the call is received from the Direct routing number to the Call queue agent, it doesn't look the Agent's presence status, meaning that even though the agent is set to DND mode, it still routes the call. 


Is the is the expected behavior?


Any pointers would be of great help.




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I see the same thing - call queues ring regardless of user status/presence. It would be good to skip users in a queue if they can't/won't answer to route the call quicker to someone who can.

Just to keep this updated, we have found that DND seems to route the [external, PSTN] call to the agent but the phone doesn't ring (so caller still waits for the 20-30s per agent). Making an agent offline seems to properly skip them in a queue and route to the next agent. However Making someone offline is pretty hard, for instance if you are logged in on the android client, you'll never be offline. This includes Desk-phones such as the Yealink T55A we have been testing. So this means that when our receptionist is off work calls still ring that person before trying the next person who may be available. This means delayed answers for pstn callers....Have I missed something?

Hi all,
Yes, this has been the behavior on call queues in Teams, Skype for Business and Lync since launched back in 2010.
Regardless of how you configure the call routing within a queue/group, and regardless of how many agents in the group and their status (DND, in a call, offline etc), the caller will stay in the queue listening to the on hold music until the specified timeout.
Even if you use attendant routing (that doesnt care if you already have a call), and even if all your agents are totally offline, the caller will stay in queue until the specified timeout.

To solve cases like these I use third party tool from Tendfor, that gives you all these additional settings that MS is missing, allowing you to use Teams as a real call center.

Totally agree, there should be a settings how to handle calls when no agent is available. But since I've been missing it for some 11 years I don't think it will be added sometime soon.
Check out Tendfor, or Competella, both allowing just that.
PM me if you want a quick demo... :)