Agents in Call Queues are not able to see missed call history

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Calls to two different Call Queues are sent to Teams Channel and also to Users and Group. but none of the agents could able to see the Missed calls history (any call queue call history). This feature is not available in MS Teams yet?

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The call history that you see in Teams Channels connected Call Queues are personal for the agent, so if the agent was not signed in, and was not offered a call from the CQ, then the call will not be shown as missed for that agent. The same with answered calls, agents will only see their own.

Unfortunately this feature with shared called history for Call Queues is not available yet, I hope that Microsoft will come with an update soon.

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Don't hold your breath..its been 3 years so far

Use the Queues app for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

It seems that it will be available with the new Teams Queues App and Teams Premium

It is actually still missing any missed calls that don't leave a voicemail. "Currently, call history includes the past calls that you have picked up or calls that you have missed that have a voicemail." It is terrible they still haven't released this basic functionality and very concerning that they are clearly not even working on it.