Agent in call queue can hear music on hold before connecting

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I have a call queue with music on hold configured. Now agents can hear the music after picking up the call. As soon as they are connected with the caller, the music stops playing. 


The call queue has now been used for over a month, the issue just started this week. 


I already switched off "conference mode" which didn't change the behavior.


Any hints on this?



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Did you ever get an answer your question? I have a tenant who is also experiencing the same thing.
Hi, please can you advise if this issue was ever resolved as we have a customer reporting the same issue, the receptionist answers the call and can still hear the MOH and has to wait until it has finished before she can speak.
Yeah it's sad to report people just get used to it and stop reporting it after a few days. The delays around call queues are disappointing to say the least. Delay to answer, Delayed alerting caused confusing with continuous ringing on agents who have picked up the call after the first caller.

@PaulWilkinson the issue still exists. Just asked the customer. 

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After months with a case escalated to the product group team they finally came back with this:


Greetings for the day.


I would like to inform you that, we have received the below update from the Product Group Team.


 "We are working on a code fix to stop the music early in the conference mode. This could mitigate the issue a bit. The current ETA is end of July."


As per the update, the current ETA is end of July. Please let us know can we temporarily archive the ticket? "


Typically Microsoft releasing undeveloped products and putting the burden on it's partners. Thanks Microsoft.
Hi. Ok, we will wait for the fix.
Br, Christoph
Was this ever resolved? I had a call queue configuration this week with customized MOH and agent can hear it as soon as they pick it up for 1-2 seconds.
This same issue continues to occur for my company. I opened a support ticket for it in June of 2022 and this is the exact response I received with no further follow up:

"An escalation was made on this request and the engineering Team confirmed it is a Know issue world wide and a fix has been prioritized for this concern."
I have a client reporting this now as well.


I had opened a ticket and felt that it won't be resolved any time soon. Hence I asked them to close the case.

I opened a ticket for this same issue, and 6 weeks later, on June 15, 2023, I received the following response:

"As per the investigation of the team we are working with on this case, they have noted that 1 to 2 seconds of Music on Hold (MoH) can still be heard by both parties and this is currently expected. If both parties still hear MoH after more than 2 seconds upon joining the call, kindly provide us the details for the mentioned call so we can further check."