After an inbound caller is placed on Park, the call is disconnected after the timeout period

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After an inbound caller is placed on Park, the call is disconnected after the timeout period.


Teams documentation indicates that the parked call should “ring back” after the timeout period.



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Hello Justin,
What is the current timeout? What happens if you lower it?
Is this Direct Routing?
My parked calls are also disconnecting after the timeout (5 minutes) instead of ringing back. Modifying the timeout did not change anything. Calls still disconnect.
Not using Direct Routing or SBC. All my PSTN numbers were ported to MS Teams.
The timeout is set to 300 seconds.
Changed timeout to 150 seconds and tested. The parked call is still disconnected after 150 seconds and does not call back.
Not a direct routing setup. Fully VOIP with only inbound lines supplied by Microsoft; hopefully I’m answering your question correctly.
I checked on my tenant and the call did ring back, maybe as Dale is also having issues this is temporary, is service health reporting any teams issue?
Hi Andres,
No issues reported on service health page on Friday (3-11) or today (3-14).

I was just on a call with MS Support for this issue and demonstrated the disconnect upon call park timeout. The disconnect happened with the default timeout of 300 seconds. Also happened when I changed it to 120 and 150 seconds.

MS Support asked me to provide Teams client support files, the time of the call and the calling and answering phone numbers involved.

I'll report back after I hear from them.

Did you ever hear back anything from them? I found that if you do a Teams to Teams call it works properly. But if you park an external phone call it does not work and functions as we have been describing.