Advice: Replace board using Teams?

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We are trying to get away from because of the extra expense.  Our main use of is using a 'board' that provides basically list of current projects, alerts new users that a new project has been posted, status changes, upload documents per project and comment/discussion for each project.  Good visibility in of the entire list at one time.  Is Teams a good app to try to rebuild this functionality or some other MSFT Office 365 app?  Also, we heavily use Sharepoint with all documents that are getting uploaded to - so moving to a MSFT app would eliminate some of this storage duplication.

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You could use Lists (which is a SharePoint Feature) inside Teams to do what you're currently doing with Here is a summary by AvePoint that might help regarding the various tools that focus on task/project management:


Hi Kirsty, 


I've come across this post and we're currently using and plan to migrate to Microsoft Lists. As we've been using Monday for years upon years we've a ton of quite detailed boards with lots of comments and attachments. 


Are you aware of any API / integration tools which will seamlessly move all data, correctly from in to Microsoft Lists? 


Thank you!

Hi @JessicaBO-GS I don't know of an API tool personally. I know that Monday can be exported to Excel and that Lists can migrate from Excel but if you have years of information to migrate this may not be the solutions for you. I'll come back to you if I find someone with an answer for you.