Advice on creating a Team for all employees

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We want to set up a team for all our 250+ employees, and need advice about what to expect if we create an org-wide team.

I've read that certain types of users won't be added (Accounts that are blocked from sign-in; Guests; Resource or service accounts; Room or equipment accounts; Accounts backed by a shared mailbox). But I don't know how clean our AD is. There's no way of testing/checking who would actually be added, so we're cautious about going ahead!

Our other concern is that Teams would instantly send an automated notification to all our employees, but we have no way of knowing what it will say. From experience, there are at least 3 types of notifications, depending on how/where a Team is set up, and the wording can't be customised. Can anybody share an example of the automated notification for an org-wide team? Or, is it possible to suppress the automated notification, maybe via Powershell?

As an alternative, we had considered a team based on a dynamic rule-based group. We could control it by basing the criteria on a field in our AD which is only used for current employees. However, we have E3 licences, which don't support the creation/use of dynamic groups.  

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I just created a new org wide team to confirm the behavior on my test tenant:
- No mail was sent to the users
- Users get a notifications in Teams activity "Global admin added you to xxxx"

All my active users were directly added in the Teams. You can get them in Azure AD by filtering on "Account enabled == true", "EmployeeType == Member)

For dynamic groups, if you a Microsoft 365 E3 license (and not a Office 365 E3) license, it will be ok.
Thank you so much. We have recently set up a test tenant but it's a work in progress, and the records don't reflect the mix that we have in our live tenant. It's good to know that no email notification is sent - if we end up with unwanted people in the org-wide team I can delete them fairly surreptitiously!

We have Office 365 E3 licences, by the way