Admin user: too many Teams showing in Teams client

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I'm an Admin user on our education tenant and for some reason any Group that I have done some administrative work in Azure AD (like adding/removing members) appears in my Teams client dashboard's list of Teams. I therefore end up with hundreds of Teams in my client. I am definitely not a member/owner of these Teams and indeed when I click on a Team name it does not let me in and it disappears from my Teams.


I would really like to solve this as a. my Teams client dashboard is stacked with class teams I'm not directly interested in and b. it takes ages for me to click on each Team to clear it from my view.


It's as if there is a setting somewhere that is set to displaying 'recently administered Azure AD Groups'!? :smile:



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Not as far as I know. How do you administer them? Directly from within Azure AD, or do you temporarily add yourself as an owner, make changes, and then remove yourself again? If the latter, it might just be a case of stale caching and so on, where Teams still thinks you're the owner when you already removed yourself. Must admit, haven't seen that before though, but it's the only thing I can think of right now that could explain this.
I administer them directly in Azure AD and I don't add myself as an owner/member at any stage.
I'm definitely not experiencing the same and don't recall there being an option for this type of behavior, so I'm afraid there's not much I can do to help. Perhaps opening a ticket with Microsoft to ask them for an explanation is an option?