Adjusting invites to Teams channel meetings

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Requirement. So I have a new topic to do work on, I create a channel in a relevant team.  I want to launch a series of meetings all relevant with public Records of Decisions etc but the audience varies from: Team leaders initial discussion, whole team launch brief, working group 1, 2, etc.  Teams has given me the tools to break down the community into relevant  @TAGS  that could be pulled in as required e.g. @Team Leaders. 


Issue.  However no matter who I specifically invite to a meeting in the channel the whole team is auto invited as well.  None of the meeting need to be fully private but I don't need to be cluttering people inboxes and inflating meeting sizes.  Also I don't want to create a new channel for each sub audience as that will disjoint the history of the topic in the channel.  


Question.  Why when I hold a meeting in the channel is the whole team invited when it seems sensible to to be able to vary the audience but still capture the meeting against the channel/topic? 


Suggested changes:


  • Show the channel email in the invite box to signify a mass invite.  
  • Then allow us to delete the channel email from the invite list to stop 'mass invites' 
  • Allow the use of Tags (for the relevant group) in meeting invites held in a channel.  
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Hello @Niall_McPherson    Thank you for your comments.  Our Uservoice feedback forum is the place to note feature suggestions or report bugs.  But I'm sure others in the community might have a response.


I will say that channel meetings are for that purpose - making the whole channel aware of the meeting.  If you don't want to invite the channel, you can create a meeting in the calendar and just invite the people required.

@ThereseSolimeno thanks for the advice, i have logged it as you suggested.  


I would counter thou that your 'purpose' of a channel is narrow - by making those changes it would a allow a more flexible approach that would broaden what you can use channel meetings for.  As well as making it far clearer that you are inviting the whole group.  


Other users have asked for the same features separately. @sebastianklein for example:

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That's the beauty of opening a ticket in Uservoice, @Niall_McPherson   It give other users the chance to vote on your suggestions, which is a way to communicate with the development team.  I encourage you to do that and post the link back here.


@ThereseSolimeno thanks for the advice.  


I've found a already trending issue on a similar topic below.