Adding Video Call option while scheduling Meetings using Teams


How about giving an option to setup a Video call at the time of scheduling the meeting itself? Currently the option of using Video is optional after the meeting gets started. However i think it would be nice to have an option to setup a meeting where we get to select it as a Video call at the time of scheduling itself.. That way the attendees will be fully aware that its a video call and will be prepared..

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Hi @Jayavenkat007


Its a good recommendation how will you prevent the Dial-In users from joining the meeting which is only Video Enabled. Will they not be allowed to participate in the meeting?


Here is the UserVoice already in place for the same


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Hi @RealTime_M365 ,


Thank you for getting back to me. We could still allow dial-in users however an option to intimate the attendees that, this is a Video preferred meeting. May be in the future releases we can enforce to have just Video for Video calls or Audio or both.. More power/options to the organizer.