Adding someone to one team adds them to all the teams in Teams Free?

Mike Boehm
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I use Teams all the time at work but just setup the free version for my personal account to work with a group of people.  When I set it up, it created my master team and I then created a second team for the club I want to work with people on.  When I add people to the Club team as members, it seems to also add them to my main team as members as well.  is it supposed to do that?


With normal teams, adding someone to one team only adds them to that specific team and not all the other teams.  I don't know if Teams free is supposed to be the same way or not.


Any help would be great.



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It’s by design and I don’t like it. The main team is basically an org wide team which
Anyone invited to your org. You can try adding people as guest to your team to see if that works but it’s been awhile since I messed with it. You might be able to turn off the org wide team or remove it but it’s jist the way the default one is and most people do t realize it and then your stuck with all those conversations.
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