Adding Power Apps to left hand Teams App bar

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Hi, I am attempting to add a Power App built within my org to the left-hand app navigation bar in Teams. I can browse to see the app, but upon selecting it I get the following error:


I checked the Teams admin center and it appears all apps can be installed:


Any ideas on further settings I should check to allow these apps on the side app bar?

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@BCLS776 Can you use the app outside Teams ?

Hi Steven,

Thanks for responding. Yes, I can access the app outside of Teams. As well, I am able to add it as a tab within a channel and the app works fine. I had a request to add it to the left app bar, but have not figured out why it won't add there.

@BCLS776 , you've probably already got this figured out.  But for any others who stumble in here, you can see a short tutorial on this made by April Dunnam (aka the SharePoint Siren) here: 


Note that to be able to pin the app to the sidebar (aka app bar) for other users in your organization (either all emps or a subset using Teams Admin app policies), you'll need to be a Teams Admin for your organization.  Lesser-permissioned users can add the app to Teams in a way that lets other users pin the app as they see fit.  For obvious reasons, the admin route is preferred for corp-wide apps.  Also, note that Teams desktop has horrible caching and it can take a LONG time for the pinned app to show up.  E.g. restarting Teams isn't usually enough to do it.  The mobile app is much faster at seeing the newly pinned app.