Adding notes to a teams contact

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Is there a way to add notes to a contact in Microsoft Teams (or an app or anything)? Example: we have multiple training managers that have continually rotating departmental responsibility and I'd like to keep a note as to what group each training manager is responsible for. (ex. Deb covers Global Support, Wendy covers Collections, Marcy covers Care, etc.)

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@king53214 Hello, not that I am aware of. But maybe you will find one of the following apps in Teams good enough for your purpose. Lists, OneNote, Planner or perhaps Wiki.

@king53214 Great one - had the same wish and would even extend it:
Would be perfect if I was also able to add a logo/icon/image/color to a person to maybe differentiate between working areas (e.g. iOS/Android/Windows/Mac).

Even adding personal notes (e.g. hobbies, interests) would be great.

Imo this would be very helpful for people in regards of onboarding to a new team.


Two things that come additionally to my mind:

  • This should also be available when hovering over a face in a video session
  • This should not be available while I'm sharing my screen. :smile:

@Eric Haas Hello, I just noticed this UV that you can vote on to push it up but you should create a new UV as you have additional feature requests.

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