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Is there a way to add notes to a contact in Microsoft Teams (or an app or anything)? Example: we have multiple training managers that have continually rotating departmental responsibility and I'd like to keep a note as to what group each training manager is responsible for. (ex. Deb covers Global Support, Wendy covers Collections, Marcy covers Care, etc.)

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@king53214 Hello, not that I am aware of. But maybe you will find one of the following apps in Teams good enough for your purpose. Lists, OneNote, Planner or perhaps Wiki.

@king53214 Great one - had the same wish and would even extend it:
Would be perfect if I was also able to add a logo/icon/image/color to a person to maybe differentiate between working areas (e.g. iOS/Android/Windows/Mac).

Even adding personal notes (e.g. hobbies, interests) would be great.

Imo this would be very helpful for people in regards of onboarding to a new team.


Two things that come additionally to my mind:

  • This should also be available when hovering over a face in a video session
  • This should not be available while I'm sharing my screen. :smile:

@Eric Haas Hello, I just noticed this UV that you can vote on to push it up but you should create a new UV as you have additional feature requests.

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@king53214  I added ONENOTE on the + button and added a note to the contact i was chatting in msteams..  added their phone # as there was no other way to add it to their profile they made


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This is a very limited workaround and would love to see a better system but you can right click on someone and add to favorite contacts. Then you can click on chat, change to contacts and add a contact group for each of your product managers but name the group your one liner so you know the difference. Add each contact from your favorites to that group and you can switch to the view to see them.