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Is it possible to import a MS Forms quiz to a private channel? The Forms tab is not available in the ms teams private channel. I already have managed to import it in a "regular" channel.


Thanks in advance.

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@ChristianJBergstrom thanks for the quick reply. It would be a great feature in general and for me a easy solution.

@Claire123 You might want to consider creating a post in the Teams feedback portal so others can upvote the idea as well.

@Claire123 I ran into the same issue the other day, a nice work around is to choose the "website" option when creating a new tab in a private channel. Enter the tab name and copy the hyperlink for the form.


It works as if you had the form populated directly through the forms app.


I do not think this is a viable option anymore. When I try to select the "Website" app it does not pop up as an option in my Private Channel Tab creation. Any idea if this is still working and I am just dumb?

@jquarry It still seems to work for me, I've just tried it on a different MS form.


I opened the form in edit mode, clicked the "collect responses" button and then selected "copy link".


Went into the private channel in teams, selected "add a tab", "website". I then pasted the link into the URL box and saved.


You'll then have to rename the tab to what you require. 

@Craig Leece

Hmm. Website app is not an option in my private channel > add a tab menu as an option. I can even search all available apps to add it and it doesn't appear. Weird.
NM. It finally popped up. Thanks!
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