Adding member to multiple private channels

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Do you know of a way I can add few people to multiple private channels at the same time within a team?

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The only way is programmatically, not from UI.

Programmatically = PowerShell too ;)
Yup, correct!

@MadhuMalie You can use the below script to do it. This script adds list of users from csv and it to all the private channels to the team, customize it as per your requirement.


# Add a memeber to multiple private channel in single team
# First install the modules...
# Install-Module MicrosoftTeams
 function Add-MemberPrivatechannel
    param (
            # Connect to the Teams module
            $GroupId = (Get-Team -DisplayName "$TeamName").GroupId
            #Get private channel
            $allprivatechannel= Get-TeamChannel -GroupId $GroupId -MembershipType Private
            #Add the username in the csv file
            $AllUsers= Import-Csv -Path $ImportPath 
            #Add a Member to privatechanel
            foreach($privatechannel in $allprivatechannel)
                foreach($Users in $AllUsers){   
                Add-TeamChannelUser -GroupId $GroupId -DisplayName "$privatechannelname" -User $Users.UserPrincipalName
Add-MemberPrivatechannel -TeamName "Design" -ImportPath "C:\Userfile\Userlist.csv"