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How can I add an image to a new conversation in Teams? I can see how to add an emoji, upload a file, change font add bullets but can't see anywhere to include an image in the conversation.



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I think only images you can add are the emoji ones. If you want to add a custom image, it's going to be treated as a file that is uploaded to teams

Thanks but that is a major drawback. Most of what we deal with is visual and if you can't see an example (like say a colour swatch) then it's not much use to us at least. Even this post can add a photo.


We'll have to stick to email then. Very odd

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Re: Just copy paste of the image works for me. 

Yes I tried it from snipping tool and it pasted OK bu there is no way to browse to an image. That's OK I can always take a cap to paste in.



We are also having problems attaching photos to conversations. If someone takes a photo of a project it is attached as a high res photo. This means it takes ages to upload  and often 'fails to send', also other members on the team have difficulty viewing them. Any ideas how to upload low res photos? We also would like to upload photos from a different source than just our sharepoint too.

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from the teams desktop application and teams site you can upload from different sources.


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Thanks Bradley,
Do you know how I can take a photo on my phone and quickly post it on Teams? As I wrote before it always uploads it in high res ( 3-5 MB) which takes ages and often fails to send. If we could send low res photos Teams would be much more dynamic for companies.

Hi - previously I was able to paste an image into a conversation using clipping tool (copy > paste), however as of this morning, I am not. Any ideas? Update: it appears to allow me to paste an image when using Chrome, but when I post the convo, the image doesn't remain.

I just took a screen clipping and tried pasting it and it didn't work!!  According to this, it should.

I just tried using the Microsoft Teams app on my iPhone and inserted a picture from my camera roll.  It let me choose what size to upload and worked perfectly.  I imagine there is an android version too.

The copy/paste thing is a known bug that is being worked on. Has to do with how things are actually copying to the clipboard:


For the original ask in this thread, can you not just click the paperclip icon and attach whatever picture you want?

Has anyone else noticed that uploading photos from Android camera are rendered as links in Teams vs. in-line images?


Yes, and with the latest version of Android MS Teams app, I choose the Image Icon (Left Bottom Most Icon) on the teams app tool bar. It seems to work better, and shows the image in as if I pasted vs using the Link (paperclip) icon which always leads to the need to download (as it is treated as a file Link).

I agree that this is major drawback. The ability to quickly view a photo directly in the chat feed is a basic functionality of almost every other chat service and keeps us from using this platform. Please add this functionality. 

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Teams mobile apps (ios/android) allows you to take picture and send it in the conversation (like in Facebook)



I paste images into Teams all the time, maybe this was an old thread.


I did want to add though there is a plug in app from microsoft called "images". Once you install it, you activate it in a chat or command line with @images . 

@Rob O'Keefe, Yes, I do also. The only problem is the source of the image. Some will not paste unless you first paste them into an editor and then Copy & Paste again. There is some formatting issues that do not allow them to always work. 


I will admit that I have not directly tried for a while, so it could have been corrected. I will try it again to see.

@David Rosenthal  This is STILL a but almost 2 years later.  LAME.


Sometimes I can copy/paste screenshots into Teams convos and sometimes it fails.  The workaround is to save the image then "attach" it to the convo, which is time consuming.



@CyberDoc510 in the current version it appears to be working. I have been able to right-click on an image from a web page and then paste it in Teams and it shows. Some can take longer than others, although it is working.