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We have a number of staff who have Gmail accounts and these contain a lot of contacts that they want to invite to meetings in Teams regularly.  At the moment to add these people to a meeting within the Teams app they have to enter their full e-mail address but one of them has asked if it's possible for Teams to 'suggest' the person when they start typing their e-mail/name in the same way it does for members of our organisation.


I can't see any way of doing this but thought if I connected their Gmail accounts to Outlook then teams would pick up the contacts from their Outlook contacts.  However this doesn't seem to work as even if I manually add contacts to Outlook the Teams app doesn't see them and only seems to pick up members of our organisation along with guest users we've added.


Another workaround would be to get them to use Outlook to organise their Teams meetings as this will use the autocomplete feature to 'remember' people's e-mail addresses but at the moment we want to try and get them using Teams only.


Does anyone have any thoughts or is this just not possible in Teams at the moment?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm not aware of a way to add multiple people at once on a possibility could be to group them in a Microsoft 365 Group / Mail Enabled Security Group / Distribution List, but not sure if it will work
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Hi @gcjuw84 


There is a way I have explained this in my blog as a short video as below:

Hope, it is helpful