Adding External user to group chat

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Hello All,

I am having difficulties with group chat functionality. 

I am attempting to add an external user to one of our group chats and in doing so I get a message "Some of these people are outside your org. Adding them will create a new group chat"

This particular users org is federated with our tenant. 

I can chat with this user and also see presence when chatting directly or in a new group.

I would like for this user to see the group chat history or at the very least be added to the current group without creating a new chat. 

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Hello, this is by design for federated users. You may only add people to existing chats that already include external access participants (when created you select all that should be in it). Otherwise, you’ll create a new group chat with the internal participants and the external person that you’re adding.
I had a feeling, thank you for the quick response. While I was hopeful for a different answer, im not surprised.

@ChristianJBergstrom so unless you know ALL the people that need to be in the chat from the BEGINNING, you cannot add a new Federated user to an existing chat so they join and see the history?  

What if there are ongoing support chats and new Federated team members need to be added for escalations??  creating a new chat loses the history that the new chat external user needs? 


Is there any workaround for this?? seems we can add GUEST users to existing chats, but not EXTERNAL

Don't use chats, but rather channel conversations with team members instead. You can also try the new feature called shared channels with external organizations, not requiring guest accounts, but admin configuration needed at tenant level.
I was able to do this by adding the user as a member to a Team, then it was possible to add the user to the chat group.