Adding external guest users to group chat

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I would like to add a guest user to a group chat in Teams. I've seen some posts about external contacts, but I want to add as a guest to a tenant (via B2B) similar to adding the user to a Team.


Right now, I share a SharePoint site which sends the user an invitation. After they accept the invitation, then I can add them to the group chat.


We are in the GCC.


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@adam deltinger Thank you for sharing this link, but it doesn't match the scenario I'm describing.



Hmm, what exactly are your scenario?

@adam deltinger Within the context of group chat in the Microsoft Teams client, when you click Add People, it is not possible to add a guest user unless that guest already exists in your directory.


Is that your experience as well? Being in the GCC, features usually lag behind commercial.


No, external group chats are not supported. I think Federation V2, which was supposed to be launched by now, but is delayed for whatever reason I believe will fix this issue, at least with Teams to Teams external chats.


But this is with Enterprise tenants, not sure how long behind GCC will be once it goes live or if they will get it too. 

I get it now :face_with_tears_of_joy: