adding custom Action in Microsoft Teams

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hi, i am currently trying to add custom action in Microsoft Teams, when i select the document file and click the option there should be a submit action to upload the document to the portal, please look at the below screen shot that i have added for further more information.



can anyone please tell me how to add the custom Action in Microsoft Teams.

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The teams files UI isn't extensible, think of it as a cut down from the SharePoint document library that sits behind. I would offer t alternatives:-


1. Build a powerapp as a new tab that replaces or extends the files UI, it's easy enough to create a view that displays the same document folder. Then you have total control of the UI.

2. If you 'add cloud storage' you can select a different library or site, get users to move or copy their files to that location, then from there trigger a flow or other process to ingest the files.


I don't think that that option exists yet. All the options for customizations can be found here:


Also, I don't think that Microsoft Teams calls these Custom Actions. You might also want to have a look at scopes in Microsoft Teams:


Thank you

Thank you

To achieve similar functionality, it is possible to add a custom action to Teams back end SharePoint site. Will this be a recommended approach?  

@Deshani Perera Hello 


Was it possible for anyone to add a custom action to modify the Files UI as indicated by Deshani?

@SDB28 did you find any solution to add custom action in MS Team? I am looking for the same.