Adding channel connector broken

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It looks like adding new channel connectors is broken, when I try to add new connector following error mesage is displayed (tried from MS Teams for Mac as well as logging in Teams through web browser):

Something went wrong.
Login required
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I am experiencing a similar issue, but it seems to only be on some teams. It works for other teams. Try to add a connector to an older team and see if you get the same issue.

@peterd250 I am having a similar issue. I just created the channel but it is an older team. I tried both browser (chrome) and desktop, cleared my teams cache, restarted several times. No joy. However, my colleague sitting next to me is having the same issue on any channel in that particular team.

This happens when I tried to list connectors or when I try to list created connectors. This feature is currently totally unusable. Tried both desktop and web version - no difference.
We have the same problem - It seems to affect mainly the teams that have existed "a little longer".
Is there any update regarding this issue?
I can only add that I'm experiencing the same problem.
I have the same problem. If you click fast enough you can even configure some connector (i.e. Webhook), but not useful for me because my connector is not listed there.
I am also seeing the same problem in some teams. Sometimes logging out/in delays the error message but it still eventually appears.
Same issue here, attempting to list connectors on any channel results in something went wrong, login required
I opened a premier support case for my broken Yammer connector. The just wrote me, it should be working again.

@Tim Fengler still broken for me. I have not rebooted my machine though

have just rebooted and still have the same issue
It's also still broken for me

For what it's worth, I opted to build a new team and transfer all of the channels over there. Mind you, we had not been using the teams function much up until this point so it was a minimal impact for me.

I have the same problem and cannot see why

@Tim Fengler Do you know what they did? Is it working for you know?

Can I ask you how you trasnfer channels?
Are you able to transfer the chat and all the channel content?
Would love to see how you can do it!

Adding that I am having this issue. I also discovered that I can see connectors on a newer team, but not on most older teams. did a survey of various teams and concluded that teams with little previous traffic, regardless of age, public or private, can display connectors, but older teams with some decent traffic fail with the 'Something went wrong' error. Doesn't to matter how many channels the team has, just if there was at least one channel with hundreds of messages.

Anyone have luck fixing this? If I don't figure out something soon, it's going to have a significant on our workflow. We depend on the connectors to send targeted critical notifications.

I would like to report that I am experiencing the same issue, the error code I see is :

unable to access the connectors area in the 'team name' team site, get the following error:
Something went wrong.
Login required
RequestId: unknown

I had a ticket open with MS support for the same problem. They will be sending out a fix next week for this issue.