Adding Attendees to Teams Meeting (MTR)

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We have on several occasions employees that schedule the MTR conference room but failed to add the device as a room/attendee. Is there a way to add attendees to a meeting that is scheduled as that user as he/she continues to run into this issue? 

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Little confused by the request but if you mean can you invite the room you can just call it by adding it like other attendees in the meeting on the attendee list. Is that what you mean?
As an admin, I would like to be able to add attendees or heck even just delete the meeting if necessary. I have delegated permissions to the mailbox, yet Outlook still produces an error when I attempt to delete and there is no way to add attendees without either accessing the mailbox directly or the end user that created the meeting. I know this would not be an issue if users would follow directions but we all know that does not always happen.

@Jeff Harlow In this use case, are you rooms not resource enabled accounts with a meeting room license?  That way when they book Meeting Room 01 for 1 hour, it also has a Teams Meeting invite and Join button.


Otherwise if it is ad-hoc meetings, then use Proximity Join or in their desktop/mobile client, just add the room into the call and answer it.

Dang, I am trying to remember the circumstances of this request, but for the life of me, I cannot. The MTR is a room, has a room license and all of that. Might have to loop back at a later date once I remember what the issue was.