Adding an extra conversation tab to a team?




Is there any way to add an extra conversation tab to a team? I can explain why I want to do this, in case there is a better solution to what I'm trying to do:


I'm managing multiple projects, and have decided to use Teams to get organized. All of the skilled workers out on site are on Teams and we are trying to exploit Teams to its fullest potential.


Our projects are heavy-equipment dependent, our operators are constantly servicing and repairing them. This means they order parts from our "home base" multiple times a week. Our main problem has been that the workers on rotation dont know whats been ordered, and whats been sent already so we end up with tons of double and triple orders.


I was thinking we could use a conversations tab to order parts, where our man at our storage site follows the teams and ships/marks as shipped as the orders come in. This way the oeprators will also know what has been ordered, when it was ordered and when it was sent. 


So, is there any way to add an extra conversations tab to be used exclusively for orders....Or does anyone have a better idea all together?


Thanks for your input.



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Currently, there isn’t a way to do this. However, there is a uservoice open for it here

Would recommend you vote on it to push it up the agenda.

Alternative ways to potentially achieve this are

1.) Dynamics 365 Field Service which is designed to do this
2.) Microsoft Forms in combination with Flow and SharePoint
3.) Building am ordering app with Powerapps

Hope that answers your question,

Best, Chris
Sounds like a loop hole in your ordering system. This should be something that it tracks and when you go to order can see orders for the existing site / location.

Anyway, I wouldn't utilize conversations at all for this, since there is no relateable data using it that way. I would suggest thou, using a SharePoint list on the Team's attached sharepoint site. creating it in a way so you can place orders and create views etc. WIth status columns to show the status of the orders.

Once you get that working you can then add that SharePoint list as a tab inside of Teams, and people in the Team can reference that list to add orders / update status etc. Then you can take it furthur down the road and add flow notifications etc. or other actions as needed once that's in place.


There is a way you can do this.  You can create a different Channel to house the posts for Orders.  Each channel has its own posts tab ('chat' area) associated with it.  To help reduce traffic, you could also (by managing the channel permissions) only have this channel available to those that would place or complete orders.  That way there is less clutter in it.  The nice thing about posts is that you can reply to a specific post thread which can have the 'order shipped' reply tagged to the specific order post, hopefully removing the confusion.  Lastly using @mentions can notify the person that placed the order (or the team that looks at the orders if you @mention the channel name) so that they are aware that the order is completed.

@ErikStethe philosophy behind channels is that they focus on specific discussion topics and therefore @JasonDaSilva  suggestion is most in line with this. But you can start and maintain different discussion threads within the same channel under the same tab by making use of the Subject attribute of a conversation. Probably not ideal for what you want since although the use of a Subject helps maintain a thread it is also something that is typical of a fleeting nature. So I would support the separate channel approach.

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