Adding an Existing MS Forms Poll to a Teams meeting

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How can I add an existing form I have created in forms to a scheduled teams meeting. I can add a form tab, create a new individual question. But how can I add existing forms with several questions ? The option to add an existing poll only appears when using Forms Tab within the Team chat, not in the meeting.

This functionality is essential for delivering online training sessions where the attendees must respond the the polls to demonstrate learning and answers must be recorded by the meeting organizer. The same forms and questions need to be used over and over again so creating the questions manually each time is a pain.
Zoom is able to handle this functionality with ease so i'm surprised Teams is not. Maybe i'm just doing it wrong?
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Hi Tom,

Thank You for the post. I tested the functionality and yes we don't have the option to add the existing forms to the scheduled meeting. With forms being replaced by Polls it would be great to have the functionality to add the existing questions from the Microsoft Forms.

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