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I have a website that i wanted to add on Left Panel. I know that I can customize and remove apps that are on the left panel by going to the Teams Admin. But, when I want to add a website, that option doesn't show up (altough it shows up on the group tabs).

Is there a way to add a website on the Left Panel?


Thank you.

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Hi @Fields2015,

Unfortunately, no way to do this currently - websites are only available through Tabs in the Channel.

There is a uservoice open which Microsoft have confirmed as planned to customize the left navigation

However, it is not clear whether this also includes web sites. So I would recommend opening a new uservoice here and getting people to vote to push it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hey @Christopher Hoard,


Isn't a way to do this using Microsoft Teams Api? 


Thank you

Not as far as I know.

@adam deltinger @Chris Webb - have you ever heard of a way to do this? I don't personally think this is possible, but reaching out just to confirm.

Best, Chris
I mean you could probably create an app that all it does is render a website similar to the OneNote app for example. But there isn't anything in admin center or something easy you can do outside of building a custom app.
And sideload it in? Hmm I guess. That’s a bit of work - and then taking a consistent web and mobile experience on top I would be tempted to wait for the customisation of the left navigation considering it is planned.

But at least an option I guess, albeit quite extreme!

Best, Chris
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@Fields2015 Actually, I saved something I read about how to do this. Have never tried it, but maybe this can give you some hints? 

Yeah, as the link and previous posters mentioned, you need to create a custom app in order to do this :)
Good find, that's basically what I was meaning by creating an app, that's a baseline side load one, but def. a good place to get started!

Hey @Robin Nilsson,


I followed the steps of the link you sent, and this is exactly what i wanted.


Thank you,



Has anyone discovered a way to add a website to the Teams app bar? I want to link our corporate intranet, which is built on SharePoint.

@Rob Barker Let me know if you come across any solution. But for now we will need to create a custom app but it would be nice if Ms make the functionality for the sidebar. 

@Nathan007 nope, I haven't found any way yet. I'm hoping MS delivers this functionality soon.

@Rob Barker @Nathan007  No solution but there's a Uservoice item for this feature that you can vote on:

@Rob Barker Now it is possible with Viva Connections!