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I have a website that i wanted to add on Left Panel. I know that I can customize and remove apps that are on the left panel by going to the Teams Admin. But, when I want to add a website, that option doesn't show up (altough it shows up on the group tabs).

Is there a way to add a website on the Left Panel?


Thank you.

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Hi @Fields2015,

Unfortunately, no way to do this currently - websites are only available through Tabs in the Channel.

There is a uservoice open which Microsoft have confirmed as planned to customize the left navigation

However, it is not clear whether this also includes web sites. So I would recommend opening a new uservoice here and getting people to vote to push it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hey @Christopher Hoard,


Isn't a way to do this using Microsoft Teams Api? 


Thank you

Not as far as I know.

@adam deltinger @Chris Webb - have you ever heard of a way to do this? I don't personally think this is possible, but reaching out just to confirm.

Best, Chris
I mean you could probably create an app that all it does is render a website similar to the OneNote app for example. But there isn't anything in admin center or something easy you can do outside of building a custom app.
And sideload it in? Hmm I guess. That’s a bit of work - and then taking a consistent web and mobile experience on top I would be tempted to wait for the customisation of the left navigation considering it is planned.

But at least an option I guess, albeit quite extreme!

Best, Chris
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@Fields2015 Actually, I saved something I read about how to do this. Have never tried it, but maybe this can give you some hints? 

Yeah, as the link and previous posters mentioned, you need to create a custom app in order to do this :)
Good find, that's basically what I was meaning by creating an app, that's a baseline side load one, but def. a good place to get started!

Hey @Robin Nilsson,


I followed the steps of the link you sent, and this is exactly what i wanted.


Thank you,



Has anyone discovered a way to add a website to the Teams app bar? I want to link our corporate intranet, which is built on SharePoint.

@Rob Barker Let me know if you come across any solution. But for now we will need to create a custom app but it would be nice if Ms make the functionality for the sidebar. 

@Nathan007 nope, I haven't found any way yet. I'm hoping MS delivers this functionality soon.

@Rob Barker @Nathan007  No solution but there's a Uservoice item for this feature that you can vote on:

@Rob Barker Now it is possible with Viva Connections!

you can utilize Microsoft Viva Connection app in Teams to use your SharePoint base Intranet home page. once you customize the app, pin it to your Teams menu using a setup policy and you will have your users accessing your Intranet from Teams instead of going to https://<yourdomain> to do so.

@AwsAyad @ThereseSolimeno 


Hi all, 


The viva connections app can be utilized for the site which is designated the Home Site within the SPO setup. However, you can render any SPO site using the dev portal which contains app studio, or use the app studio app whilst it is around. In the web version of Teams the SPO site will render just with the URL however to get it to work in the Desktop you need to amend the manifest. 


In terms of a site working through a custom app build, some sites work and some don't. For example WordPress sites work. Microsoft sites don't. This is because sites have settings which can prevent them rendering within IFrames, usually because the X-Frame-Option of those sites is set to Deny. 


Hope that helps and answers your question


Best, Chris 

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@Fields2015 Actually, I saved something I read about how to do this. Have never tried it, but maybe this can give you some hints? 

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