Adding a second account's%20only%20possible%20to%20add%20one%20work%2Fschool%20account%20and%20one%20personal%20account%20in%20Teams.%20Hence%20you%20have%20to%20sign%20out%20if%20you'd%20like%20to%20use%20another%20work%2Fschool%20account.%20You%20can%20be%20a%20guest%20in%20other%20organizations%20though%20and%20then%20you'll%20see%20them%20under%20your%20profile%20pic.%20where%20you%20switch%20between%20the%20organizations.%20You%20can%20use%20InPrivate%20%2F%20Incognito%20browser%20sessions%20too%2C%20not%20necessarily%20needing%20to%20create%20several%20users%20on%20the%20PC.%3C%2FLINGO-BODY%3E
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Has there been a change recently to the number of accounts allowed to be added to Teams. I am working with some students from our college at another college within the town and so they now have two email addresses, but when we try and add the second one on to their account, so that they can join in the lessons on Teams if we go in to lockdown again, it says it can’t be done now. Is this new? Is there a way around it (apart from setting up as two users on the PC). Thanks 

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Hi, currently it's only possible to add one work/school account and one personal account in Teams. Hence you have to sign out if you'd like to use another work/school account. You can be a guest in other organizations though and then you'll see them under your profile pic. where you switch between the organizations. You can use InPrivate / Incognito browser sessions too, not necessarily needing to create several users on the PC.