Adding a member to a team instead of guest.

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I use the desktop app for teams.


I have an educational licence for using MS Teams.
My college gave me an email and I use it.
All my college affairs happen over that account.
It has 365 features.

Now I am working with an NGO, they use teams for their organisation. They don't use the paid version.
I got my college email registered with the NGO. Now I see the two organisations listed on the top right corner. The NGO has only one team and 6 channels. I am an owner of the team.

Now I also have a personal Outlook email. I added it as a personal account to teams.

I wanted to add my personal account as a member(not a guest) to the NGO team.
When I go to add member option (from the college's email) and type my entire personal email. I only see the option to add myself as guest. 

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Hi, you can't do that because you're a guest user yourself (but owner of team) in that tenant. The admin/owner in that tenant can change the personal account status for you though.

Quick update,
So you suggested I use Microsoft Azure on another thread.
I did that.
Now my college email is a Global Administrator under the NGO tenant.
I still see can't add my personal id as a member. (not a guest)
In the other thread you asked how to see all members in an organization. That has nothing to do with this reply. But I think I understand now what you're after and this can only be changed by the Teams free creator. The setting is something that is off by default to restrict the possibility of anyone to do this. It's located under the profile (top right corner) and the ... "Manage org" and "Manage invites". It only takes a minute or two before the setting updates but you cannot change that yourself as you're not the creator of the org.