Adding a client as a team member to a project only and not an entire channel

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Hi all


Is it possible to add a client on one of our projects on only the project level (the planner itself), without having to add him to the Team or Channel?


For example:

We have a company Team: "X"

Under "X" we have a channel "Projects" where we add multiple Planners for projects. I want to add a client of one of the projects to the Planner only. Is this possible?


The client should still receive the email notifications of tasks they are responsible for etc., but should not be able to see the discussion threads / messages in the Team or Channel.


Kind regards

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No, unfortunately this is not possible! By adding anyone to a planner, makes them members of that corresponding office 365 group! That will in turn grant access to connected resources and services

Thank you @adam deltinger, appreciate the feedback.


Kind regards

They just recently added guest access to planner I think but as Adam said it’s all or nothing in the group. I’d suggest looking for some planner sessions coming up st ignite and seeing if they have any plans for adding private planner access.
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