Added Sharepoint Site tab on teams but cannot navigate

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Hello good afternoon.

We created a Team with its SharePoint page and added the tab so that everybody can see the SharePoint site from the Teams general channel.

The problem is that if i click anything that will take me away from the home page, i do not have a way to go back to Home (execpt by clicking on a different team, and then going back to the one i was working on)

i noticed that the Tab does not include the top navigation pane, so no way to go back to home or to our hub site 

This would be the Home page


So if i go to one of the foldersm i don't see how i can go back to the home page



Any Ideas?

thank you




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If you right-click and select back, can you go back? alt + left key should also work


I think there should be a tree like this, which when you click the name, you can go back to parent folder



No, not working either :(
Is that image from your Teams Page? i do not have that navigation tree at the top. just like in the pictures i posted on my original comment. It is quite annoying, because to go back, i literally have to click on a different team or go to a chat and then go back. :(
That's strange, I added a SPO Site as a tab and it looks like your screenshot and I could use the key combination and also right-click to go back, will make some more tests

Hi @MVCuser 


Did you find the solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @SalvoTr 

You can click on the library Icon and you can access all the other document folders but still no way to go back to the main page.


Or go to the top where the Sharepoint site is, click and then click Reload Page