Added Guest cannot see Team he was invited to

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I have added guests to a team I created, however after accepting the invitation and accessing Teams they do not see the team they have been invited to. However, they receive email notifications if I chat to them in the Team.


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Have them sign out of the Teams client and clear the cache. Alternatively, ask them to login via the browser, using a private session.

That worked! Thanks

My guest can access the web browser based Team, however the app itself is still not showing the team they were invited to



Once they hit continue it reloads a couple times and then they can't see any teams

Make sure they don't have Teams themselves with their account (tenant) and they switch to your tenant in the guest drop down next to their photo. It's possible as well their Teams is logging in with a work account vs. a personal account on web since the client auto logs in with modern auth etc. Some possibilities.

If they are on client can they chat with you? If not then they must be on another tenant with their login they are using in the desktop client. I've had numerous issues with guests and their clients only logging into their work accounts, usually those are disabled / not allowed so you get an error but if it's not, then they might be just getting logged into a blank no teams created local tenant.



Using the web app they can chat with me. Using the desktop app, they get the message above and then it goes to a blank Teams page. 



Yeah that's exactly what's going on, they have Teams associated with the e-mail you invited, and the client will always log into their local tenant. If if fully logs them in, then they should have a drop down by their photo/initials to switch tenants, however seems it's just not logging in. I've had problems with this forever with inviting guests that unknowlingly have office 365 tied to their e-mail we invite, and they cannot use clients due to Teams not being enabled on their tenant.

Only work around is by having them create or provide an e-mail / MSA account that is not tied to a work account.

I understand. If my guest does not have a 365 account associated with their email is it possible something could be done? 


Thanks for your assistance,  I am new to Teams and the whole 365 environment and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

but i bet it is and they just don't know it, I've been running into this everywhere, some e-mail hosting providers somehow connected to 365 etc. You can easily tell by doing an incognito window, go to and use their e-mail in the login. If you get the "Work of School + Personal Account" prompt to choose one, then that's your problem, and there is no current way around this other then them getting Teams enabled somehow on their work account which is usually not possible, so basically the user needs to go to and pick setup a new account, pick an account etc. and then you invite that as a guest and they login using that new account.

I can try that. Off the top your head is there a huge difference in functionality between the web app and the desktop version? do you think it is a dealbreaker for you and your collaborators?

The problem is then remembering to keep it open. So in a sense yes. The point of teams is fast responsiveness etc. and without the client or teams always up that can be delayed. Although you can have email so long as that is on it may still be ok.

@Vasil Michev Which cache are you referring to? IE? Chrome? Other?

@Jonathan Morgan Appreciate this an old thread now but I had the same problem until I realised that as a guest I needed select the host company in the drop down menu.

On the top bar, to the right of the search bar is a company name with a drop down arrow.  When selected I could change from my company to the company to which I had been added as a guest and 'hey presto there was the team I was looking for...

This explains what happens to me. I am having Teams and Office365 from my company, and no matter what I do, logging in using my email-address always gets to my teams at my company. I've had invites, I guess 50 times now, from other organizations, and no matter what I do, I do not get the dropdown box with the organization switch. Isn't this a bug or an issue that should be solved? I'v had this issue for a year now and it sadly has not had any resolution yet, and usefulness of teams is by this really diminished.

I have the same issue as @JakobWork . I am on a shared tenant with different agencies and do not have access to the Admin panel for O365 or Teams. We have guest access enabled on our teams and I can invite other people as guests as long as they have a Microsoft account associated with their email address - or they create one. However, when I attempt to add someone who also has Teams, it wants to add them as a "Member" and not a "Guest" to the team.


Once they are added as a Member, the person does not get the dropdown next to their profile picture (initials) in the upper right corner of the Teams client. She has signed out, tried the web app, multiple times. Nothing works. My concern is that it may be because she is on Teams for Education and I am on Teams for GCC. I know that Education has different options/features. Would that also include the ability for external invitations to other Teams teams?


I know that I have been added to another team externally from a different organization as a "Guest" and I have a dropdown to select the tenant to choose. Again, is it possibly a limitation with the Education version?


So I was having the same issue, but only with the Windows Desktop App.

Receiving a Teams invite from another organization than my own, I could join as a guest only from the web browser, was not working in the desktop app.  I cleared the cache using the instructions from this article: ,  and I was then able to do access the team in the other org, and the dropdown in the top bar now is displayed and allows me to switch between my org and the guest org. Now works in both the desktop app and web app. 

@Lonnie Thibodeaux that is good that it worked out for you. I followed these instructions for clearing the cache; no change. Logging in using an incognito tab in chrome, still same thing happens, at login time I am being sent to my company login function and when starting the teams as a web app, still no other org to select or accept invitation from. Also tried edge. No change. :(

@JakobWork @Lonnie Thibodeaux : this did work for me, just now. I'd been invited to an external team as a guest, was only able to open in the browser, not the desktop app where were already use Teams in our organization. Worked through the cache clearing, restarted Teams and now I have the drop-down in the top right of the desktop app to switch between my org and guest org, just as Lonnie described. 

@CarleneO Thanks for the reply, seems I was not invited as a guest in the other organization. I was invited as a member, but the user account, in the other organization has my own company email as the email address and then I cannot be invited as a guest. Not yet solved but it seems to be closer to a solution now...