Add the Power BI app to Microsoft Teams

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I am following this doc to add the power bi app to Teams, but it doesn't show up 

we have O365 E5 license, which include power bi pro. I have consent the power bi app in Azure enterprise app.

I have checked the teams settings, which is allowed.

After I clicked open, it ask for sign in, consent the app, then nothing happens. when I click open again, the signout windows popup. The power bi app does not show up as showing in the link above, I wonder if anyone have encountered this.





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Hi @milan24_2000

Looks like you are adding the Power BI app as a messaging extension as opposed to a tab. In screenshot powerbiopen click the drop down next to open and select add to a Team as opposed to add to a chat. The new enhanced Power BI app with the personal view which you can pin to the left app bar - may not be in your tenant yet, you may only have the older app which should update over the next few months. However, in the older app you can still add Power BI as a Tab to a Team. Alternative is to go into a Team > Channel > Add and add Power BI from there

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard


How can I tell if my tenant don't have the new enhanced Power BI app with the personal view? powerbiteams.PNG show version 1.1, I wonder whats the version that will able to pin it to the left app bar.

We can add the Power Bi as a tab in the chat or teams group.