Add Teams short cut to email signiture

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We wold like to encourage our users to use Teams and try to reduce the amount of emails. for that we thought to add in each employee email signature a direct link to open Teams chat.

appreciate suggestion how to do it


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Afaik there is no easy way of doing this currently like using the sip: protocol for Skype! Have a look at the following blogpost where it describes one way of building a link! I’m not sure if it’s possible to create a link to a chat with a person though...

Haven’t tried this myself:

You could potentially do it as follows

1.) Create an org-wide Team
2.) Get the email address of the general channel
3.) Put that link in the signature

Where the org-wide Team would act as a landing Team as such. Would probably work better if you had a third party signature tool where you can embed the link.

I have tested it and all works as it should using this method.

Hope that helps to answer your question.

Best, Chris
Well Adam almost answered the question by accident ;p.

Sip is the way to go. Assuming you’ve already pushed teams to everyone and you have a signature solution that lets you use variables for username etc. you would just plug in a line saying reach me on Teams with hyperlink to which will when clicked open teams chat with the user.

However things to consider. If you use it in signatures probabaly going to have issues with people outside the organization since they won’t have Teams. But if you have federation then technically they should be able to also externally message you using Skype for business and teams.

Anyway just a couple things to consider. I have a blog talking about adding mailto links to SharePoint pages but I brush on sip links as well for Teams links on SharePoint. Obviously you don’t need to use the URL shortening in signatures since Outlook supports them.
Well, my subconscious knows best :)
Maybe if your web client only. Using sip opens direct desktop client, that method goes web.

yes, but it asks to switch to desktop client automatically and it will start a chat in there! Same when you click from mobile! it opens the app

What about for external chat?

Same experience

But we're still in islands mode, not Teams Only. So if someone that doesn't have the Teams client open clicks the SIP link, will it message me in Skype instead of Teams?
It's all based on the end point when it's initiated. In your case, if someone external messages you, it will always go to Skype until you go to Teams Only mode, at that point you will get everything in Teams from external users.

Internal, Teams will go to Teams when in island mode
I tried doing the and I get popup asking me if I want to open my skype for business app. I have my teams app open and my skype for business app is closed and does not even startup on logon anymore because I have moved myself to teams
You need to be in island or teams only mode on the back end, then you need to make sure you go to settings in teams, make sure Register Teams as the chat app for Office (requires restarting Office applications) and then restart Outlook. If it still wants to use Skype, then click start, type in defaul then choose the (Select default apps for protocol). Then you can go to Sip protocol and update to Teams.

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,

This solution is working. Thanks for that! :smile:

I am working on an application where list of users associated with a particular project is shown. When clicked on user name, it should open a chat in Teams for the selected user.

Can I use this URL format in production? I fear that if this URL format changes in future, that would break my application. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you!


Hi Adam, thanks for this solution. Just want to ask if I can use this URL format in Production? I am working on an application where list of users is shown. When I click on username, it should navigate to Teams chat for that user. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you!