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I have added many projects to TEAMS. One app I also use is PowerBI. I have added the PowerBI tab to TEAMS, but it is not very useful because I am not able to see the "personal bookmark" menu that I have in PowerBI app/online. So, what I want to have is a PowerBI tab for each of my projects within TEAMS that takes me directly to that specific project in PowerBI. Is this possible? Tnx for any response. 

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You have to select one workspace and any reports in that one! You might select multiple from this workspace!

These kind of tabs often strips out buttons and certain options etc, nothing to do about afaik! What you also can do is to add multiple BI tabs for each project!

You might also try adding page as website to get the bookmarks! Haven’t tried this myself and I recon there will be authentication issues for other team members! ( no access, login prompts)

@adam deltinger  Yes, I have selected one workspace and then I have to do some more scrolling to find the relevant project report, but that is what "bookmarks" is solving for me. BUT, I just tried to add it as a website and that works much better, when creating the bookmarks first, and add that specific link into the website tab in TEAMS. I will find out if this also works fine for the other TEAM members later. One issue is that even if I am logged on to TEAMS I still have to log into my Microsoft account in the PowerBI website link, but only once a day :). 


ADDITIONAL: It is not possible for other team members to see my PowerBI bookmarks when adding PowerBI as a website tab. So then I see no point in adding PowerBI tabs to each project TEAM, which is a disappointment of course :(. 

Nothing’s perfect :)
You can have others view the BI reports as well but you have to use shared BI reports and everyone has to have a pro license which usually is hard to justify for simple one off sharing.
Ok. I will check if it works with a member having the Pro version. Tnx.

So how do i add specific bookmark to teams? i am using pro so its a valid option for me