Add or Remove members by channel

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We have teams set up around client accounts and we often use a channel for comms around a particular project or campaign.


Quite often the entire team will not all be working on a particular project/campaign - it will be a sub group.


The problem is that all members get activity notifications and emails which is annoying particularly if somebody posts an [at] channel. It would be great if there was the ability to add/remove team members on a per-channel basis within a team. Private channels aren't the solution here as it's not a confidentiality issue. It's more about keeping the comms and notifications to the right people. 


Anybody got suggested best practices or advice around this?





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Your current options are to use a separate Team, or a Private channel. Going forward, you might be able to leverage the freshly announced Shared channels as well. Or you know, educate people not to at mention in every post (lost cause, I know).

The downside of private channels is that Planner can't be used in them. I've seen discussions of work-arounds for this but have yet to find one that is satisfactory for my purposes. Microsoft is aware of user complaints about this, but has not fixed this problem.  @VasilMichev