Add Mail Enabled Security Group to MS Teams

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I have set-up a mail enabled security group with Azure AD. I am now trying to assign the mail enabled security group to a new MS teams via the add members yet the security group does not show up. Can somebody please advise if this is possible?

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Just a FYI before proceeding, you know that picking a group as a team member just do a one time extraction of the current group members, adding them to the team! Not the group itself

Only way to use group membership is utilizing dynamic group membership, part of Azure premium.

Thanks @adam deltinger and @Chris Webb. I was aware of the one time extraction and making dynamic groups via Azure AD, however my problems stems from the fact I cant see the security groups to add to teams. They are showing up in the Azure AD etc as mail enabled security groups but when I select add to teams they are not showing at all, so even as a one time extraction is impossible. I am unsure of why they are not showing at all.
Make sure your groups are scoped to universal in your local AD. Pretty sure that's required.

@Chris Webb 


Curious if this actually works?  I also am not seeing groups listed as available to assign a teams license.  I am using this for a unique configuration in MS bookings, where I need the security group to anchor the teams license to allow an online meeting.