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we know you can fetch the email address from a Teams channel through the three dots in Teams.

Would it be possible to add this information in the PowerApps function MicrosoftTeams.GetChannelsForGroup or in Graph?

We have a lot of channels and they are created daily. It would be great if grabbing the email address can be automated.


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It should be available via the Graph


Channel Properties

List Channels

Get Channel


See about halfway down in the first article, Property = Email. As it shows in Get Channel article all properties, including the email should be returned in the call.


Hope that answers your question


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@Christopher Hoard 

I am using Flow/Graph API to create my Teams, I can get the group email address but not the Channel email address, it is empty. Sending emails to group email address does not show up in Teams as it is part of the distribution list. Hence I would like to retrieve General Channel email address



Sorry for digging up this old topic, but unfortunately it is still recent


@ksivanandan @Christopher Hoard 

Is there any update on that matter? I found out that the channel's email address is only generated when it is retrieved via Teams. Only then it can be pulled via Graph.


Does anybody know how to automatically generate channel email addresses?

Still a problem. I am using Integromat to pull Channel information to retrieve the Channel email address, which I then plan to use in another automation to send emails to particular channels.

The problem is that the email is blank.

The fix is to go into teams, click get email for that team, then send an email to the channel. Only then are the Email fields populated in the Integromat module.