Add a Room to a Teams meeting location

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Hi all, I am trying to create a real meeting (not online) with Teams but no way. At locations, I am typing any of our creted rooms in Exchage and says: "Sorry, we could not find any building". Any idea?. Teams is not suppoused to be used to create physical meetings, only online?. Thanks.
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Thanks!!!. Solved.

Hello Team,


Please refer the article mentioned below for better understanding:





I managed to create a Room list and it works fine.  Not that it happens often, but if I need to remove or add to that room list, is there a way?


My difficulty is that I'm not clear on why there are 3 different ways of a room making it into a meeting in O365.  First, there are rooms that can be configured in the web admin portal.  Second, there is the Room List created in powershell.  Finally, we have Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) setup and those are invited as an attendee rather than assigned as a resource.  I can ignore the rooms on the web admin portal but I'm still confused about the MTR rooms being attendees rather than room resources.  Does anyone have a good method of communicating this to the end users?  We have rooms that are sometimes just used as conference rooms and sometimes used as MTR spaces.  How are we supposed to resolve the booking conflicts between the two?


@Glenn Chubak You shouldn't be inviting them as attendees, just select the room as the location for the meeting, it's added as a resource, and will then be able to join the meeting.


Hi @Jose Miguel Sanchez , maybe I have a workaround.


If you don't see from research a Meeting Room, you get introduced to a past meeting.


E.g. date 01/01/2017 reunion Pippo, participants Marco, Luca and Meeting Room named Pluto

Now, Marco invites @Jose Miguel Sanchez to the past meeting Pippo.

Now Jose has cache Meeting room Pluto

Now @Jose Miguel Sanchez see Meeting Room Pluto

Tomorrow @Jose Miguel Sanchez create rieunion Test, participants Meeting Room Pluto, Tizio, Caio.



Sorry for my english :)