Add a "don't show again" option to the "speaker volume is too low" message

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Whenever I enter Every Single Microsoft Teams meeting I am harassed with a prompt to check speaker volume. I'm using an external device, just like almost everyone I know. My set up has been honed over the years, has cost me a total of thousands of dollas by now, and it works perfectly on every audio-enabled application on all three major operating systems.


Except Microsoft Teams incorrectly thinks it's not working and will nag me about it every day. Only Microsoft Teams. On both Mac and Windows.


In a different thread, this problem was met by an MVP with the revolting suggestion of buying new hardware to replace perfectly working equipment. This is absolutely unnaceptable. Teams must adjust to the reality. And a "don't show again" button is trivial to implement.

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Speaker volume is too low or microphone volume is too low.
Assuming that it is the microphone volume, how do you sound on a conference vs other people? The mic too low appears when your audio is low. It's not there to nag you, it's telling you that there is a problem.

And just because you've gotten it to work everywhere else, doesn't mean that it will work on Teams. Because in reality, I'm pretty sure that you haven't gotten it to work with "every audio-enabled application" on all platforms. But I do know that on each platform, there are a lot of tweaks that have to be done to enable foreign hardware to work.
It can be as simple as increasing the microphone volume in Windows.

A don't show again button wouldn't be recommended, as the popup is there for a reason.

@Ed WoodrickYeah, I've done all of these tweaks. I can hear my coworkers fine (remember my message is about the speaker volume). The problem is the message that constantly shows, reminding me that I might want to change my settings. But I haven't changed my settings because they are correct. I want to tell it that this volume level is correct. Let me take care of my own problems please. I can take some patronizing the first time I'm using a piece of software, but constantly forever is very grating.

So everyone else hears you okay?

"Let me take care of my own problems please." I assumed you wanted help by posting here, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Since I have the exact same issue, let me explain, since you completely misinterpreted the issue that he described:
Our volume levels are perfectly fine, we can hear everyone, everyone can hear us! But everyone who uses external speakers or headphones, will get these annoying popups every single day, that our "speaker volume is too low", every time we join a meeting. For the last two years, I see this prompt every single time I join a meeting, just because I use proper audio equipment and have the internal speakers of my Macbook set to almost zero, so that audio notifications won't disturb me or other people in my meeting.

Microsoft should just give us a simple option to suppress this message, like a "don't show this message again" checkbox, since the assumption they're making is simply wrong. I had to click this message away more than 1,000 times in the last 3 years.

Thanks Microsoft, but I can take care of my audio volumes myself. Or as the other person wrote: "Let me take care of my own problems please."