Adaptive Cards Error: “The remote endpoint returned an error HTTP 401."

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Hi All,


When trying to send an adaptive card with Action.Http through Power Automate, the first flow works perfectly, sends the email, I type in the information I need to send back, but when I go to hit submit, it returns the error: “The remote endpoint returned an error HTTP 401.". However, I checked the 2nd flow which receives the Http request on Postman and everything is working on that end as well. I registered my team alias to send emails and that was approved so I am not sure why this is happening. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Yes same issue here. I registered everything properly with the originator and everything. I'll see if I can reach out to microsoft.



I too faced this problem.  It was resolved after adding an empty Authorization header.


The When a HTTP request is received trigger does not expect any credentials, but Outlook automatically sends out a bearer token when you submit an Actionable Message by default. This will lead to a HTTP Unauthorized error message




To avoid this, you must provide a Header with an empty Authorization token inside:

"headers": [ {
  "name": "Authorization",
  "value": ""
} ]
I faced the same issue. Thanks for the help and saving of time !