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I'm a novice about microsoft teams.
I would simply like to use AD credentials when I connect to microsoft teams.
I found the following guide which says For the full Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365 Group creation.
I only want to use the same AD credentials to log in to microsoft teams.
To do this, simply create the domain on o365 and install aadconnect and synchronize the local users on o365 and then assign them the license?
Am I not obliged to follow the article


Thank you



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@pazzoide76Here are some of the steps on how it will work;


first of all, you should have a Microsoft 365 account which you might, if you are having on-prem Active directory try to use Dir sync to sync your user to Microsoft 365 and also maybe using on-prem or online exchange so configuration needed there too.


create users either on office 365 or on-prem AD assign E2 or E3 or whatever licensing you to have, if you the computer are joined to the local AD the single sign-on for Office suite including Teams will work, if not try to join the machine to Azure AD + Intune if possible so you need configuration there as well, using Azure you can create other application single sign-on if you required it.


I know I have mentioned most in short-cuts it is not that easy it needs details and you can find a bundle of the docs on Microsoft for each of them as you have already shared 2 docs...


please comment if you need any specific information about any of the above mentioned I or anyone in the MTC will provide you this information.....

@PDostiyar Thanks for the reply