ad-hoc Teams meetings with external users

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In light of current events, we have the need to meet with clients through video. Since we have Teams, I don't think I should need to resort to other products like Zoom or GoTo. The issue is that even though I have run through the checklist for allowing guests, if I send an invite to an external user, they get a message that says 'only people with access to this org can join its meetings'. I don't want to have to add each person individually as guests in a teams and make then go through creating a MS account just to have a quick video chat with them. Any advice?

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Ok let's help!

1.) In the Teams Admin Centre go into Meeting Policy and ensure that Anonymous users can join a meeting is on

2.) In the Teams Admin Centre ensure that external user access is enabled in org wide settings
3.) Create the meeting
4.) In the meeting booking go into meeting settings and ensure that everyone can bypass the lobby

Should be a nice friction free meeting when they click on join teams in the meeting invitation. They don't have to be guests: guests should only be created when you want people to work in your team in your tenant

Let me know how you get on. Note; the policy above (if it is turned off) could take up to 24 hours to propagate

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Hi Chris! Sorry for the delay but it took a long time today for the policy change to take effect. It is working perfectly and it is just what we needed. Stay safe and have a great weekend!