Activity says 1 New/Unread item and I cannot find or remove it.

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I have a red bubble on my Activity icon and I cannot find where it is located, nothing appears to be unread. I have been hunting for a solution with no luck. It started this week, Monday the 9th of August.


Any ideas on a solution?


Thanks in advance.



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Click the activity tab -> then the “…” to filter on unread or missed calls. See if it shows anything


@adam deltinger  Thanks for the suggestion, I did look there and I do not have any unread messages.


I have activity in the Reactions and Missed call filters, but nothing that looks like I can select or deselect anything.

I have the same issue when moving to "new" Teams.  It appears to be a message that someone withdrew/deleted before I read it.  Can't find anyway to make it go away.