Activating NDI in Teams not working

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Hi, we just turned on NDI for our organization, and I see it in my Settings>Permissions panel. 


When I try to activate it i get the message saying "There was a problem downloading the file

Try turning NDI on again"
I have tried activating it both on my laptop and my desktop computer with the same error.
I've also tested on several of my colleagues computers and it activates and downloads the files for them.
I've added a screenshot of the message I see.
Does anyone know what the issue is and how I can fix it?Capture.JPG
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Hi @DanielWM ,


It sound like you must have followed or the following had already been done for your account with the fact that you have the option:


Not sure it would be required for activating the setting itself within your Profile settings but would be interesting to see if this is allowed within Meeting Policies in the Teams Admin Centre. But like I say I would expect this to just impact you at the point of making use of it within a Meeting.

I would do a right click on the Teams icon in the system tray and do get logs. See if there is anyone more meaningful error message wise in there.





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It’s not 100% rolled out so maybe for some reason your account isn’t fully enabled. You could maybe try a new policy and assign to your account but outside of that that’s only other thing I could think it could be.

@DanielWM If you are using MAC then the roll out is not complete yet. More updates to come

@EA-2020 I am on Windows on both of my computers. 


I've just formated and reinstalled windows on my desktop, this didn't help either. 


The interesting thing is that it works for all of my colleagues except me. 


I've also tried logging on to users in other tenants where I have activated the NDI policy in Teams admin center, this did not help.


Do your colleagues have different hardware? Do they experience the same issue when signing into your device?

Trying to determine if it is following the device or user.



@HenryPhillipsNimbitech We all use the Surface series computers, mainly Surface books. 

I have a desktop computers as well for video editing and streaming, hence why I want NDI to work :D


We have not tried to log into my computer with their credentials, but I have tried to log into other users in other tenants where I have activated NDI policy, this does not work either.


As mentioned in the previous post, I just formated my computer without it helping.

I hear you and it does sound odd.

However formatting does not change the hardware, so would be keen to know if the other users that are working have the same make/model devices as yourself.
Had the same problem, because i was under Windows 7. No problem under Windows 10.

@EA-2020 Any ETA on resolving this issue for macOS users?



I have the same issue... I reviewed the error logs in teams (~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Logs.txt and found the following:


PluginDownloader::downloadAsync - Failed to download and install ndi bundle due to reason=DIR_MOVE_FAILURE, details=Message: EACCES: permission denied, rename '/Users/ben/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/plugins-tmp/ndi-2020.20.01.11/extracted/libndi.4.dylib' -> '/Applications/Microsoft' 

This indicated that there was a permission issue here: /Applications/Microsoft which is inside the package contents of the application. Mine had system 'read/write access' and everyone 'read'.  After updating the folder and its contents to grant read and write for my user the NDI package downloaded and installed into the folder.


I now have another issue in that when I download the NDI package I get a new error saying 'NDI is not supported.' 



slimcoreVersion: 2020.20.11, isSlimCoreHotSwapped: false, reason: NDI not present yet, reasonCMD: NDI not present yet, ndiVersion: 2020.20.01.11, status: success, scenario: 6f6b728c-e35a-4bf8-b1b2-637125d6c133, scenarioName: intialize_ndi, name: intialize_ndi, step: stop, sequence: 1, delta: 262, scenarioDelta: 262, elapsed: 12645, stepDelta: 262, vdiMode: 0, eventpdclevel: 2, Scenario.Name: intialize_ndi, Scenario.Step: stop, Scenario.Status: success, 





@DanielWMThat's odd. I have enabled NDI on Teams on Computer 1 --> OK
When I'm trying to do the same thing on Computer 2, I get the very same error message... The investigation continues :(

I have exactly the same issue. Had to change the permissions in the Application in order for the NDI libraries to be copied over and now it says "NDI not supported" with the same error message in the logs.

@micudaj Hi, thank you for your reply.


Where did you go in order du change the permission?

@DanielWM I changed the permissions of the bin folder inside the Microsoft Teams application at /Applications/Microsoft, so that the libraries could be moved during activation of NDI. But as I wrote, still not working.

@micudaj I found a workaround for the "NDI is not supported" issue:

  1. Close Teams
  2. Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Teams\current\resources\app.asar.unpacked\node_modules\slimcore\bin
  3. Delete "Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll", "Processing.NDI.Lib.Licenses.txt", and "TxNdi.dll"
  4. Restart Teams
  5. Go to Settings > Permissions and tick NDI, it should redownload the libraries and work.

@markspolakovs Hi, thank you for your suggestion.


I tried to find the files you are mentioning, but I don't have them.

Do you know why?
And for the record, I'm still not able to activate NDI


@DanielWM the files are downloaded the first time you activate NDI - if they’re not there and you still can’t tick the box then this seems like a different issue :(

@markspolakovs I see, and this is my problem exactly, I have never been able to activate NDI on any of my two computers.

Yo tengo el mismo problema, cada tanto me sucede lo mismo. Lo soluciono cerrando sesión, luego cierro la aplicación y vuelvo a iniciar sesión y ahi consigo que ande, pero a veces trabajando en vivo es un poco arriesgado, espero encontremos una solución mas solida @DanielWM