Activating NDI in Teams not working

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Hi, we just turned on NDI for our organization, and I see it in my Settings>Permissions panel. 


When I try to activate it i get the message saying "There was a problem downloading the file

Try turning NDI on again"
I have tried activating it both on my laptop and my desktop computer with the same error.
I've also tested on several of my colleagues computers and it activates and downloads the files for them.
I've added a screenshot of the message I see.
Does anyone know what the issue is and how I can fix it?Capture.JPG
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Hi @DanielWM ,


It sound like you must have followed or the following had already been done for your account with the fact that you have the option:


Not sure it would be required for activating the setting itself within your Profile settings but would be interesting to see if this is allowed within Meeting Policies in the Teams Admin Centre. But like I say I would expect this to just impact you at the point of making use of it within a Meeting.

I would do a right click on the Teams icon in the system tray and do get logs. See if there is anyone more meaningful error message wise in there.





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It’s not 100% rolled out so maybe for some reason your account isn’t fully enabled. You could maybe try a new policy and assign to your account but outside of that that’s only other thing I could think it could be.