Account blocked, user not found in the risky users list

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I'm currently facing issues trying to access another company's tenant on Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps, I'm getting the Account blocked error



But wen I checked with my company's AAD Admins, we couldn't see any users at risk and no audit logs as well.


What else can be checked? anyone has any clue?







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Hello, yes. This page explains it in detail


Btw, the short answer. Reset password.

@HediNaili hello, were you able to fix the issue?. If yes, how did you it? The post described bellow is not valid for me, because my company doesn't allow self-password change in AAD.

You really should read the attached link if the password solution isn't applicable. But to help you on the way you'll need to reach out to your IT admin to manually dismiss the risk or reset the password.

@manuel_martin_ yes, password reset worked for me
can't you just ask your company to reset your password?