Accessing "saved" messages on Teams Mobile App

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It might not be a popular feature, but my users are finding the "Save Message" feature increasingly useful, as their Posting/Conversation history grows, especially for those front line workers using Teams mobile without desktop access. It works well on the Desktop App, but I'm having trouble with the Mobile app.


There is the option to "Save" a message on the Mobile app, but, unlike Desktop/Browser, there is no way to access saved messages via mobile.  Does anyone know how to do this? (Incidentally, The saved message, does in fact show up in the desktop app if it was saved on the mobile). I couldn't really find any decent documentation about this feature, so maybe I am missing something. I understand that using "Search" is a primitive workaround.


And yes, if viewing Saved Messages on mobile isn't currently supported, I shall add it to UserVoice, and maybe revisit the issue in a few years. :xd:




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It’s indeed accessible from the mobile app! Just slide up above the bottom menu and there will be “saved”


@adam deltinger 

OMG ..thank you. Can't believe I never looked there. Excuse me now while I slap my forehead and let out a loud "duh!".

We’ve all been there :)
Adam, this perhaps warrants a new post, but I've noticed that accessing my saved messages on Mobile takes me directly to the message, perfect! However in the desktop app it doesn't zoom in to the specific reply in the thread (in this case a meeting thread containing hundreds of replies) it just drops me at the meeting entry on the timeline, leaving me to search through all the replies to find the message I saved. Does this sound like a feature or a bug to you? :)
Thank you, Adam!

Why is this so inconsistent with the desktop app, Microsoft?
There's no such thing under More (the exact same place).
Not the best design from discoverability point of view. And inconsistent with desktop